Christina Mei Rouse

A selection of articles created for VSCO, including educational content, artist interviews, poetry, and long-form storytelling.

The Spirit of Sicily

An article about Leandro Colantoni's documentation of Italian culture.

Girls on VSCO

A response to the VSCO Girls trend, celebrating young female artists on the VSCO platform.

Introducing Isle of Dogs Presets

A partnership between VSCO and Wes Anderson in promotion of the animated movie Isle of Dogs.

A Sense of Smallness

A poem and curated photo series reflecting on humanity's relationship to the Earth.

A Family Like Ours

A long-form story about raising a child with special needs.


An informational piece about the history of combs inspired by one woman's collection.

Nike Fashion Air

A campaign with Nike Sportswear highlighting bold and unconventional female photographers.

How to Capture a Silhouette

An educational piece about obscuring detail while photographing silhouettes.

Architectural Styling

A narrative about architectural photographer Aleksander Malachowski.

Paragon — Melody Hansen

An interview with a young multi-media artist about embracing her own style.

Listen — Dollie Barnes

An interview with a singer/songwriter about her debut solo album. 

PowerBar — Joy of Sport

A series of stories about community sports created in partnership with PowerBar.

Freezing Motion

Photographic advice for bringing pause to fast-moving action.


An article explaining infrared imagery and how it can be used to achieve practical or artistic results.

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